A time for justice

Next week three men will sit in judgment of Rangers.

They will assess whether or not the club and their owner Craig Whyte received justice last month.

Today the SFA made the smart move of publishing the notes from the original hearing.

It is eye popping stuff for the uninitiated.

Here is Tomo’s take on it.


Once more it is heartening to see the truth about Rangers getting out to a wider audience.

The Rt Honourable Lord Carloway (Chair), Craig Graham and Allan Cowan will be on the three-man tribunal.

When the original judgment was made the Rangers lynch mob went into overdrive.

Threats were made and the police gave advice on personal security to the “Hampden 3”.

At least one member of the SFA’s “taxi rank” said he didn’t want to be considered for the appellant tribunal on Rangers.

I know several people on that list and there weren’t any of them keen to be anywhere near this one.

Lord Carloway is no stranger to the social problems caused by the Rangers sub-culture.

Sitting in the High Court of Justiciary   in June 2009 he ruled that   Kilmarnock sheriff court had been correct to convict William Walls for singing the famine song.

That was an important victory over anti-Irish racism in Scottish football.

Then the Rangers klan played the victim card.

Suddenly these racists were on the long walk from Selma.

It was risible.

The SFA document released today indicates malpractice at the highest levels in Rangers.

Of course Lord Carloway and his two colleagues do have the powers to increase the punishment imposed on the Ibrox club last month.

I am sure that Rangers will get justice rather than preferment.

That, I suspect, is why their “lunatic fringe” are getting mad.

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