Neil Lennon’s enemies.

This week Neil Lennon was back at Windsor Park.

This time he was watching not playing for Northern Ireland.

The opposition last Thursday was Norway, Neil had an interest in the Scandinavians as his young centre half Thomas Rogne was making his senior debut.

Neil was back in the stadium where he was booed by his own fans when Norway was also the opposition over a decade ago.

The same night that the Lurgan man returned to Windsor Park another Ulsterman, James McClean, took to the field of play for Ireland in Dublin.

The Irish Football Association don’t seem to get it that many young Northern nationalist don’t identify with the Northern Ireland statelet, and they don’t see the legitimacy of the team as a FIFA entity.

Darron Gibson’s views are not atypical.

 “It was unbelievable you know, making the debut for your country. Everyone from Derry wants to play for Ireland. I grew up supporting Ireland, so it was a natural choice for me”.

 Some do, Like Paddy McCourt and Niall McGinn, but the next generation seem less likely to play for Sammy’s Wee Ulstur.

Those two Celtic players, of course, along with Neil Lennon have received bullets in the post.

Security forces sources have briefed journalists that the authors of these threats are almost certainly a faction of the UDA.

The entire ambience of Windsor Park during an “international” match is toxic to nationalists.

It will take more than a new anthem to cleanse Windsor Park of the pathogens that saw the supporters boo their own player.

As Ireland prepare to take part in Euro 2012 Norn Iron, as usual, are nowhere.

Northern Ireland’s captain against Norway was Steve Davis of Rangers.

The midfielder may soon have to find himself a new club as the one which employs him is about to go out of business.

Perhaps the Windsor Park crowd should consider finding a new home; they would find the AVIVA stadium a much more modern venue, in every sense of the word.

The céad míle fáilte  would be genuine.

Some people bear grudges and harbour bitterness for past wrongs done to them.

It is abundantly clear that Lennon is not that type of man.

He is a better person than those who ended his international career and who would also seek to chase him out of Celtic park.

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