A carnival of reaction.

It couldn’t get any worse could it?

A club built on ‘dignity’ brought to its knees by maladministration, lies and deceit, but surely the good name honed in Manchester, Barcelona, Newcastle and Pamplona couldn’t sink any deeper into the gutter?

The inane utterings of Rangers security boss David Martin should have made many associated with Rangers squirm. He said of alleged sectarian chanting at the recent Rangers V. Kilmarnock game:

“Last Saturday’s match was one of high emotion following an extremely difficult week for the club.

“…The club held a number of meetings and conversations with the football authorities, POLICE and administrators prior to the match and everyone agreed that the priority on Saturday was to ensure there was no disorder around the match due to the highly-charged atmosphere that was anticipated.” 

So, are we to take it from Mr. Martin there was an agreement with the police that sectarian and racist singing was to be allowed because of the ‘highly emotional’ atmosphere?

According to independent reports almost half of those attending the match were taking part in the singing of illegal songs, yet there was only one arrest.

Out of interest that emotional fellow will not face charges.

But get set for more from the highly emotional hordes.

Powerful groups of Rangers supporters associations are passing around the blue bowler to see if the can raise enough cash to take the SFA and the SPL to court.

The crime in the bloodshot eyes of the Rangers loyal is that both the SFA and the SPL should have seen through the Motherwell billionaire and blocked his takeover of Rangers.

And they say comedy is dead?

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