Banner headlines.

What did that banner in Udine actually achieve?

The creator of that banner gifted negative back pages about Celtic to the laptop loyal.

They didn’t want to be filing copy about a brilliant Celtic performance where they stood toe to toe with an Udinese side that is currently doing very well in Serie A.

It also gave an opportunity for UEFA to, once more; raise a disciplinary case against the club.

I can’t fathom the mind of a Celtic supporter that thinks either of those outcomes is a good day at the office.

The banner, following on from the fine for the chanting at the Rennes game, was idiocy itself.

On the separate matter of the throwing of flares this was an act that is almost certainly illegal and for good reason.

A distress flare in the right hands can be a life saver, but in the wrong hands it can be a deadly pyrotechnic.

Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni has a rule that he never deviates from in his coaching work with players.

If you have to tell someone something three times then give up because it isn’t working.

They aren’t going to do what you want them to do.

He then has the choice of either tolerating this or simply dropping them from the team.

There are people among the Celtic travelling support, tiny in number, who simply won’t listen.

If they won’t listen to Lenny then they probably won’t listen to anyone.

They will continue to do what they do, but they will find out that they can’t act with impunity.

Tomorrow at Perth Celtic’s away support has another chance to mess up.

There are plenty praying that they do just that and it only takes one in an otherwise peerless support for the many enemies of Celtic in Scotland to be gleefully happy.

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