Equality expert calls on Celtic to provide clarity for fans on songs.

An Equality expert who offered Celtic specialised training for their stewards 18 months ago has expressed shock at the club for keeping their fans in the dark over “illicit” chants.

Celebrate Identity Challenge Intolerance (CICI ) is an equality organisation that has been tasked to provide expert training to Strathclyde Police around racism, religious prejudice and Hate Crime.


In September last year they recommended that it would be helpful “if Celtic Football Club could offer a more detailed description in writing of what they feel is unacceptable from a political perspective.”


A CICI spokesperson, speaking exclusively to this journalist today, stated:

“We said that being more specific was necessary in hoping to bring some finality to the issues that surround the club. In light of the sanctions from UEFA it only serves to reinforce our view that any current or pre-existing strategy is flawed and that greater transparency is needed. Although there are no comparable situations in England we would have every confidence that a club in a not too dissimilar position would be forthcoming with information which is essential for supporters, particularly given the complexities around political views. Infrequent comments from the club do not accurately reflect the scale and regularity of certain political expressions and this in our view is one of several failings that have to be addressed if the club wish to have unwelcome political expressions removed whilst also imparting comprehensive information that the cultural, ethnic and national identity of supporters and club can be celebrated.”

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