Questions that should be answered.

Regular readers here will know that I have raised the  question as to whether or not the SFA should have approved Rangers to play in UEFA competitions this season because they may have been “owing to a tax authority” on the appropriate date.

So far, despite my persistent questioning, I haven’t received an answer that puts the issue to bed.

Here are copies of a correspondence between SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan and a concerned Celtic supporter.

This excellent website lays out the issues for the SFA.

Recently I was contacted by a Celtic shareholder who is concerned about the possibility that Rangers may have been granted the opportunity to play in the Champion’s league in place of Celtic.

This would, of course, cause a serious loss of revenue to the Parkhead club.

His settled view from the correspondence he has had with a senior figure at the club is that he has been fobbed off and his questions have been dodged.

He continues to press Celtic for straight answers.

In the absence of satisfactory answers his settled view is that his club is giving the SFA and, ipso facto, Rangers a pass on this very important issue.

The SFA have refused to answer my questions on this pertinent issue.

I merely received a “we don’t answer questions on the finances of individual clubs” reply from the SFA.

Perhaps they would find it more difficult to give a similar response to the club which has been, possibly, denied participation in the lucrative Champion’s League competition because of this honest mistake.

It would appear that the people who call the shots at Kerrydale Street don’t want to ask tough questions of the SFA these days.

Why should that be?

There may be no case to answer, but until the issue is put to bed by clear, unequivocal “On The Record” statement by the SFA then the doubts will remain.

I am surprised that the SFA hasn’t dealt with this issue before now.

What will also linger is the suspicion that people in leadership positions at Celtic do not want to pursue this one with the SFA.