Rangers failing to keep up to date with tax remittances.

I am informed that administrative chaos and disorder has become the norm at Ibrox.Junior staffers’ have privately expressed dismay at what they have considered to be mismanagement for quite some time.  However, under Craig Whyte’s leadership, things have taken a more dramatic turn.

While Rangers fans try to reconcile the promises of lavish spending through media leaks during the takeover, the reality of the Whyte era is in stark contrast to the image of the billionaire entrepreneur who will calm the troubled waters of the latter half of the Murray era.

Of particular concern is the club’s inability to stay on top of day to day bills.

Not just any bills either.  You would think that with potential bills totalling £54m related to the EBT scheme (currently in the Tax Tribunal) and £4.2m plus a penalty related to discounted options that Rangers would try to avoid inflaming relations with HMRC.

Yet, amazingly, the club is often delinquent on its monthly and quarterly remittances to the tax man!

Mr. Whyte is a man whose track record for the smooth administration of his businesses is available at Companies House for all to see.

When one looks at the utterly inept attempts at spinning about the imminent visit from Sheriff Officers to Ibrox earlier this month then the picture of an organisation that stumbles from drama to crisis without a plan becomes increasingly clear.   Has, perhaps, Mr.Whyte placed too much faith in the hands of those who cannot see further than the next news cycle?  If the same energy and cost was expended to stay on top of Rangers’ bills, it might have done more to help Rangers’ reality than to sustain the fantasy world portrayed in the mainstream Scottish media.