Announcement: Scotland United Against Sectarianism

The following is a statement that has been provided to me for release to the public.

Scotland likes to pride itself on being an open and accepting society yet in the past week three high profile individuals have been sent parcel bombs in the post.  This comes on the back on bullets posted to Neil Lennon and two other Celtic players.  The offence of all of these people – being a Catholic in Scotland.

These are troubling times for Scotland but it also is an opportunity for Scotland to finally free itself from the shackles of Sectarianism and establish a free and democratic society fit for the 21st Century. On Monday 2nd May at 4:30pm in Glasgow City Centre, Scotland United Against Sectarianism will be holding a rally and invite all people who abhor discrimination in all its forms to attend.

Guest Speakers will include Aamer Anwar, Anas Sarwar MP, George Galloway, Dave Moxham of the STUC and many others.  It will be an event when Scotland will come together to unite against the vile mantra of discrimination against all faiths.

More detail and information on guest speakers will be announced in due course.

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