Making sense of the war on Gaddafi.

What is a state meant to do with an uprising within its own boundaries?

The answer is simple. Put the uprising down.

If it does not then it stops being a state.

This is a civil war, someone else’s civil war.

Moreover it isn’t clear exactly who the good guys are.

Up until a few weeks ago the regime of Muammar Gaddafi was receiving delegations from EU countries (including the UK) desperate to do business with him.

The UK had clear casus belli with the Tripoli regime from the mid-1970s onwards.

He trained and equipped the Provisional IRA.

In the mid-1980s he supplied the Provos with tons of military weapons  including semtex explosives.

The Lockerbie bombing was an act of war plain and simple.

It was also a matter for NATO not just for the UK.

Yet nothing happened.

Gaddafi remained in power.

All of this makes Blair’s “Deal in the desert” even more bizarre.

A friend in the UK who is a senior political journalist told me today that he is working on a story that said that representatives of UK companies were in Tripoli THREE WEEKS ago eager to do business with the regime.

Now the Supreme Leader in Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on the USA to stop the air strikes, but instead to arm the rebels in the East.

Just what do we know about those people that would be armed?

Another journalist friend who writes regularly about Afghanistan said that the Darnah area of Libya is, according to his excellent sources in the military, one of the main providers of foreign fighters for the Taliban.

Quite literally NATO airmen are effectively providing close air support in Libya for the same people that they are bombing in Afghanistan!

This is bizarre.

If the “rationale” for these airstrikes is that Gaddafi is an autocrat attacking his own people then what happens when the Saudi tanks (supplied by the USA) roll into the Shia towns in the North East Region of that country to crush the increasingly militant and secessionist  Baharna community living in the oil rich Eastern Province?