The least desirable.

Some cities connect with you.

They leave a lasting impression on you like a lover.

For a time when I was much younger Boston was a regular haunt, south Boston to be precise. I loved the place and it’s people and I clicked. I love Boston. Subsequently I was horrified to learn earlier that this wonderful vibrant city with a huge Irish community might be visited by the Famine Song Road Show.

This piece of performance art wrecked Manchester in 2008.

If the “quintessentially British” football club can do that to an English city what chance does Irish Boston have?

Thankfully the “friendly”  against Celtic will not now go ahead.

Celtic are, of course, welcome in Boston.

In fact it is difficult to think of cities that would not welcome the people that Sepp Blatter was wowed by in Seville.

Just before this madness was announced the story leaked from Manchester that the Gary Neville testimonial committee had considered inviting Rangers to Old Trafford to honours the Reds veteran captain.

No, me neither.

A leaked memo from Greater Manchester Police stated that Rangers, as opposition in the Gary Neville testimonial would be “the least desirable.”

“Least desirable.”

A prefect strap line for this club’s supporters.

Those who support Rangers have little idea what people think of them.

The good people of Barcelona, Pamplona and Manchester don’t want them back.

They think this is the result of green propaganda from people in the media out to tarnish the reputation of this dignified quintessentially British club.

No chaps it is because the denizens of these cities don’t want the trailer trash antics of Underclass FC turning their city into something between the world’s biggest urinal and a battlefield.

Ranger’s very decent Chief Executive Martin Bain has correctly pulled out of the Boston match.  He knows only too well what would have unfolded. Drunken Rangers fans surrounded by symbols of confident Irishness. Well, they would not be able to help themselves. The poor dears.

Instead Rangers will travel down under to play in Sydney.

So Boston will be spared these awful awful people who bring trouble, crime and the stale smell of super lager and urine wherever they stumble.

My condolences to the people of Sydney.

They deserve better.

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