Maurice Edu

The tricky thing about racism is that when you allow and approve one type of racist thought you tend to get more than you originally authorised.

The alleged racist abuse suffered by Rangers player Maurice Edu should not come as a surprise to anyone with any knowledge of the Ibrox sub-culture.

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Preventable Death

This timely book explores the appalling death toll of young Irishmen over a twenty-year period.

Campaigning journalist Phil Mac Giolla Bhain travelled the length and breadth of the island of Ireland hearing the stories of heart broken families who have been devastated by suicide.

Phil also spoke to experts in the field who, despite years of research, cannot answer why the suicide rate among our young men is so high.

Finally, Phil develops an analysis why this is a killer of men and not women in modern Ireland and what can be done to neutralise this “tolerated serial killer”.

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A country called Europe.

All of my adult life I have taken decisions that I affirmed my Irish nationality. I’ve only ever held an Irish passport, I’m and Irish speaker and I live in Ireland.

My three children go to an Irish speaking school-they are being raised gaeilgoiri.

You get the idea.

Recently I re-affirmed my wish to live in a country called “Ireland”.   Unfortunately many of fellow Irish citizens decided that they wanted to live in a country called “Europe.”

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