Why a return to Rangers is impossible

If you have decided to propagate an Orwellian lie then it really isn’t advisable to tell the truth beforehand.

It kinda spoils the entire endeavour.

However, that is essentially what the Stenography Corps have done since the summer of 2012.

When Hector blocked the CVA it was end game for Rangers (1872).

Ranger were put to death in June 2012 and the media called it accurately at the time.

Before the axe fell you did not need to be a prophet to discern what liquidation would mean for Rangers Football Club.

When the basket of assets started life in the bottom tier the local media tied themselves up in knots in order to placate the Ibrox klanbase.

“Rangers have been demoted” and “the Ibrox club was sent down the leagues”.

It was, of course, weapons-grade pish.

Rangers were not relegated, Rangers were liquidated.

That is why many of their players decided to Do Walking Away.

When they exercised their rights under employment law some of The People didn’t take it too well.

Now Steve Davis joins the other Rangers players who walked away from the corpse of the old club and then returned to Ibrox to play for Sevco.

This basic legal fact shouldn’t be a problem for the local media and I’m sure they know the truth of the matter.

However, they mainly abide by high-Level rules.

For the avoidance of doubt, colluding with the powerful to disseminate a mutually convenient fiction is not journalism.

Indeed, it is the antithesis of serving the public interest.

That is why, I suspect, many in Planet Fitba have lost faith the local media during the Ibrox saga.

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