A green and white future in Glasgow

It is not just at the senior level that Celtic are dominant.

Last night the young Hoops cruised to a three nil victory over junior Sevco.

In their journey to the final, the Celtic youngsters didn’t concede a single goal.

That’s an impressive achievement.

Consider this, in the space of a week:

Celtic 2 The Rangers 1 (Glasgow Cup final)

Celtic 2 The Rangers 0 (Scottish Cup SF)

Celtic 3 The Rangers 0 (Youth Cup final)

When Charles of Normandy set up Sevco Scotland Limited from the body parts of Rangers in 2012, there was an opportunity for an academy approach.

A properly funded youth policy with a core of senior professionals to mentor them on the field could have won those part-tine leagues with ease.

Of course, that would have taken a professionally competent managerial team as well.

However, Charlie and the boys were saddled with Super Salary and his onerous contract.

You know the rest.

Instead of that Mr Super packed his squad with highly paid duds who couldn’t get out of the Championship under his hilariously calamitous tutelage.

By the time the Admirable Warburton was in charge at Ibrox the austerity was already biting into what youth set there was left at Sevco.

Across Glasgow, the situation could not be more different.

The Celtic team that easily beat Sevco last Sunday had three Academy graduates involved in the match (Forrest, McGregor and Tierney).

Last night several of the kids who calmly dealt with junior Sevco have already been in the Celtic first team (Jack Aitchison and Calvin Miller).

Their teammate Aidan Nesbitt is also highly rated by Brendan Rodgers.

I think it is fair to say that the three of them have a big future at Celtic.

Across the city needs must and the Sevco rising star Billy Gilmour is reported to be going to Chelsea.

The Holding Company Vehicle will receive a development fee and that will go to shore up a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

Celtic have no such financial problems.

The full match can be seen here.

You will note the rudimentary approach by junior Sevco as compared to the slick passing style of the young Hoops.

The score line didn’t flatter the Parkhead side in the least.

Brendan Rodgers was there along with his trusted lieutenant Chris Davies and defensive coach Kennedy.

In the commentary, it is stated that Porto, Celtic’s old European adversaries, scouted Aidan Nesbitt.

The Portuguese club is the gold standard for spotting promising youngsters.

However, the kid has a big future at Celtic, and he knows it.

Overall the young Hoops cruised to another trophy with plenty to spare.

Two nil at half time and three up not long after the break.

I have bad news for those among The People who think that there is a brighter future in their youth ranks.

There isn’t.

Celtic enjoy full spectrum dominance in Glasgow.

Moreover, that isn’t likely to change for a very long time.

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